High Target

Air Gear

Air Trick is the wing in which the riders maneuver on their Trick-Shoes, giving them full speed action with the ability to fly. Ikki haphazardly obtains it, but before he can learn it, he is confronted by a group of riders with more experience.

Air Master

In the dark alleys of Tokyo where street fighting had become a norm, rumors of the undefeated “Air Master” fled through the streets. Who is “Air Master”? This was the question that roamed throughout the streets. The question was soon answered by the appearance of Maki Aikawa. To...

Hakaba Kitaro

Based on Shigeru Mizuki's early work, Hakaba Kitaro is a horror series peppered with a touch of dark humour. Japan in the 1950's. The war is over and the economy is growing at an accelerating pace. Ghosts and spirits are driven deeper into the backwoods as urbanisation expands. In this...


After seven years, Yuichi returns to the snowy town where he used to live. Strangely, he has no memory of his past. The next day, he meets a girl with a mysterious backpack.