Crayon Kingdom

Princess Silver is a cute girl, but her bad habits always drive her entourage crazy. On her twelfth birthday, a mystérious prince turned her parents the King and Queen into stone. Silver goes after him to save them.

Flat Broke Sisters

Kyo and Asu are two sisters living on their own. Though they may be poor, the girls find happiness in their lives, because their best fortune is having each other.

Kamisama Kazoku

Everything goes as Samataro wanted. He is a feckless high school student, but the fact is that he is a son of the “Gods” and his parents help him out with “miracles”. One day, he decides to go after a mysterious girl, Kumiko without his parents’ miracles.

Marie & Gali

A Junior school student, Marie accidentally strays into the island of science, "Gali-Habara", where  only scientists live.   Galileo lives in the apartment next door. Newton works at the grocery. Fleming works in the electric store as a part-timer and Madame Curie is the owner...