AYAKASHI - Japanese Classic Horror - BAKENEKO

During the Edo period, the daughter of a family of samurai dies under mysterious circumstances, just before getting married. A wandering medicine seller senses that she was killed by a Bakeneko, a cat ghost. To fight it, he needs to know the form, the truth, and the reason why the Bakeneko has...

AYAKASHI - Japanese Classic Horror - TENSHU MONOGATARI

Himekawa Zushonosuke is a falconer sent by his master Harima to retrieve a falcon at the reputedly haunted Sirasagi castle. On his way, Zushonosuke meets a woman of an evanescent beauty bathing in a lake.

AYAKASHI - Japanese Classic Horror - YOTSUYA KAIDAN

Yotsuya Kaidan is a classical japanese ghost story. Tamiya Iemon is a samuraï married to Oïwa, a beautiful woman, but he cannot bear the poverty they live in. One day, he is offered the opportunity to marry a rich woman and starts planning to kill Oïwa.  

Devil Boy

Night and day, Devil Boy Shingo perfects his study of the magic arts. So much so that he finds a way to seek out those who can help him in his dream: to build a world where men and demons can coexist in peace.