A Kick Fiend

Tadashi is a Karate champ who had never lost a fight until he fought against a kickboxer. After this decisive defeat, he decides to devote himself to kickboxing, which has not penetrated the nation yet.

An Apache Baseball Team

Mr. Dojima refuses to join a professional baseball team, and becomes a high-school baseball coach in a small village. Through baseball games, he teaches his students the greatness of cooperation.

Genki, the Boy Champ

Genki Horiguchi was raised by his father, a travelling boxer. He practices boxing also, and makes promising progress. But one day his father is killed during a match, and Genki goes to live a more comfortable life with his grandparents. But he continues boxing to honor his father's memory, and...

Grand Prix

Takaya Todoroki is a pilot running after the supreme title of the World Grand Prix. He runs with a car on his own design, that bursts into flames right in front of the final line. Todoroki est transported to a hospital and miraculously reanimated by the doctors. While he recovers from his...