Digimon Adventure 02

Three years have passed since Tai's adventure. Suddenly, a new virus arrives in the peaceful Digital World, that impedes Agumon to evolve. Then comes Veemon, the new Digimon to save the Digital World.

Magic Girls

Smile Pretty Cure!

Somewhere in the universe exists a place called Märchenland, where fairy tale beings lived. However, within the Märchenland also exists a bunch of villains belonging to Bad End Kingdom. These villains have special powers collecting a source called "Bad Energy", they entered the world in order to collect more of thoses energies. To prevent this from happening, a fairy from Märchenland, named Candy, follows the shining light that...



In a southern island called the “Whale Island”, a strange creature fell suddenly from the sky. It crashed into a school, and squashed the frog teacher flat! This strange creature’s name was Puchan. He somehow managed to get the frog teacher back into shape, but the classmates are suspicious of this newcomer. But soon, everyone finds Puchan very fun to be with, and Puchan joins the school. Puchan encounters many happenings at the school...


GeGeGe no Kitaro 4

For a while the spirited creatures known as Yokai disapeared, and peaceful time passed until the day people broke the rule between Yokai and humans. Kitaro stands up against the angry Yokai to bring back peace.


The Pumpkin Wine

On the first day of school Shunsuke walks into school with a map in the hand. He is a transfer student and discovers his new school. There he meets Naomi, who falls in love with him at first sight. But Shunsuke, who has a complex about his short size whereas Naomi is very tall, and the moods of their teachers will create lots of turmoil for them.


Pip Pop Pattle

A brand new patrol car named Pattle has just arrived in town. Everything is new to Pattle and the daily happenings are a continuous matter for him.  With his partner Hajime they make a funny fuss in Sunflower Town.



Daiya and his father set out for the sea in a small ship when they saw a great black flame rise above the water. From the flame arose a giant monster and Daiya’s father and the crew disappeared into the sea. Suddenly a giant machine-like dragon appeared from the sea as Daiya was screaming for help, and saved him.


Tiger Mask W

The return of the classic wrestling hero Tiger Mask in a whole new animated series, based on the cult character created in 1968, and made in collaboration with the New Japan Pro-Wrestling organization.

High Target


Mononoke is a spin-off of Bakeneko - a story part of the series Ayakashi - which scored the highets audiences ratings on Fuji networks late night animation slot at the time of its broadcast. The mysterious medicine seller is back. He continues his travel on the roads of Edo Japan and faces various types of dangerous spirits known as "Mononoke". Acclaimed by both viewers and critics in Japan,  Mononoke combines...