TOEI Animation Europe

Founded in 2004, Toei Animation Europe is in charge of the distribution and exploitation of Toei Animation’s animated series in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Among its most famous series, we have the biggest hits of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s: Captain Harlock, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon and the newest series: One Piece, Saint Seiya Omega, Sailor Moon Crystal, World Trigger…
Since its inception, Toei Animation Europe has grown and now has 18 employees including its CEO, Mr. Ryuji Kochi.
Toei Animation Europe provides :
- High quality Japanese animated TV series and movies to TV channels, video editors, film distributors and online platforms. 
- A wide TV series and character designs catalogue for the development of licensed products, promotional operations and communication actions. 
Thanks to its expertise and knowledge of the animation market, Toei Animation Europe decided in 2012 to branch out into this business and now represents a varied catalog of other complementary TV series: Marcelino, B. Duck, Loulou de Montmartre, Petz Club, Kioka...