Heart Catch Pretty Cure: the movie


The four Pretty Cure arrive in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, to take part in the fashion show that is scheduled for the grand opening of one of their families' boutique there.

The truth is that Paris is in grave danger. The powerful Baron Salamander, a long asleep Desert Apostle, is devising a plan to annihilate the city.

He was defeated by another Pretty Cure many years ago and was sealed inside the abbey on Mount Saint-Michel. But five years ago, a little human boy helped him escape and in return he turned the boy into a fearsome werewolf.

The Baron and the boy have come to Paris about the same time the Pretty Cure are about to start the fashion show. There are just a few more days until the full moon! The young werewolf, Olivier, will then change into a beast and his power will be fully restored.

Under the full moon on the Mount Saint-Michel, the ultimate battle is shaping up. The Baron Salamander and Loup Garou on the one hand, the four Pretty Cure on the other hand. Can the girls win this battle?

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